Regular Meal

Our regular meals consist of the right food in the right proportion. While Indian food prepared outside is likely to be oily, we ensure low oil or no oil in our foods. A typical Regular meal will have:

  • 1 Dal
  • 1 Vegetable
  • 4 Rotis (Medium, Wheat based)
  • 1 Rice (Different types of Rice)
  • 1 Salad

A glass of Juice/Buttermilk can also be added to the meal.

If you’re looking for a change in the menu, we offer Combo meal plans that have World Cuisine such as Continental, Thai, South Indian, etc. These meals go out twice a week in a Combo Meal Plan and Regular meals for the other three days. Combo Meals are available at an additional cost to the Regular meal.

Jain Regular Meals are also available on request.

Looking for a trial?

A trial includes a minimum of 5 meals