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About us

Starting from humble beginnings in 2003, Vital Foods has pioneered the health food catering industry in the city with 17 lakh meals delivered all across Mumbai. Headed by Sunali Parekh, a Dietician and Nutritionist by qualification and expertise, Vital Foods prides itself on facilitating a sustainable life style through healthy & nutritious food, as against those that are gimmicky, short- sighted & unhealthy. In the fast paced life of the city, we are often pressed for time and consequently resort to skipping meals or eating calorie loaded junk food which is detrimental to us. Vital Foods delivers the freshest food for you to savor your lunch time with tasty meals that are just like home food and are devoid of colors, preservatives, additives or volume enhancers.

Our story

Vital Foods is a professionally managed firm headed by Sunali Parekh, a Dietician and Nutritionist by qualification and expertise. She has worked in the therapeutic field for more than 20 years, heading a number of hospitals in the capacity of Chief Dietician. She left her practice to serve this largely uncatered segment of the food industry. She knows food when it comes to creating the right diet that is wholesome in every way.

After a successful career in the field of Dietetics & Nutrition, Sunali Parekh pioneered the most distinctive food establishment delivering healthy tiffin services with highest emphasis on taste and health. Our staff consists of a carefully chosen team of professionals handling various departments. Vital Foods assures you a healthy and hygienic tiffin delivery service and this forms the crux of our endeavor at Vital Foods.

Our Commitment

Our Clients and Vendors

Some of our clients:

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Our chefs emphasize on using only the best quality ingredients. Some of our vendors:

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